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Staunch Industries Design is a multidisciplinary, versatile, and dynamic creative studio that specialises in design across various platforms, including brand design, illustration, interior design, and bespoke fabrication. STAUNCH INDUSTRIES is more than just a creative studio and lifestyle brand – it’s a reflection of the journey, passion, and creativity that are deeply ingrained in our souls, as a boutique consultancy with a unique and playful style, we only work with clients who share our passion for achieving the very best outcomes. Our services revolve around user- centered and people-focused design, and we have spearheaded a wide variety of exciting creative projects.

What Is Creativity?

Where Does It Come From?

Whats The Meaning?

STAUNCH INDUSTRIES is the creative story of our lives, it’s a journey of fulfilment and expression locked deep in our soul, the psyche we use to navigate these paths, conversations, and dreams. Our logos, a wild Sea Stallion, our creative spirit driving, inspiring, and haunting us. The Kelpie, a mythical aquatic creature from Scottish folklore past, intertwines with the deep connection we have to the sea and the search for freedom of expression. “You may ride the Sea Stallion, but you will never control.” We believe it’s very important to have a healthy work-play balance, and we have created STAUNCH INDUSTRIES for individuals who share our passion for adventure and self-expression. We are proud to share our creative journey with you and invite you to join us on this adventure.
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Founder & Creative Director

Willie-Otto Beeslaar is a successful and award-winning graphic illustrator, artist, and has previously worked with some of the most prestigious agencies in Britain. With his experience in representing some of the world’s best-known brands and receiving awards for his work, Willie-Otto is the driving creative force and vision behind the company and brand. His passion for design and his unique style and interpretation are reflected in the products and environments he works on and in. As he believes, “Having my own studio has allowed me to design a life I love, size is the enemy of cool.”



Janeanne Gilchrist is a Photographic artist, image-maker, and director/producer of Staunch Industries; She has worked worldwide for a diverse range of advertising agencies, design consultancies and publishing houses. She has many years of management experience of delivering high profile projects for clients across a wide range of cultural and creative industries, festivals and creative arts led projects. “To truly progress, one must continuously rethink everything, challenge conventions and explore the unknown, question tomorrow and embrace change, even if it means taking uncomfortably risks”.
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