The Course We Steer

Loyal, Dedicated, Reliable, Hard-working, Resolute

Staunch Industries is an independent design led lifestyle brand that celebrates the Great Outdoors through our design and apparel range. Inspired and fuelled through our contemporary ideas, our aquatic relationship with the North Sea and Scotland's wild places.

We are inspired by the country’s ruggedness, a lust for life and exploring so much of Scotlands untapped potential. This is what drives us, and feeds our creative process featuring heavily in all our work. In the pursuit of creating Staunch Industries products it can be a challenge, many hours, days weeks, even months go into creating our range. We try hard to source responsibly and locally wherever possible keeping the product lines manageable but always interesting.

We believe it’s very important to have a healthy work - play balance, so if your tracking down a river bend looking for fish, day dreaming of climbing mountains in the distance, blazing new trails on your ride to work, picking your line for the perfect ski, or obsessively hunting out waves on some cold distant north sea beach. Trust us, Staunch Industries was created for you and we are proud to share it with you.

Our live projects are explorative engaging collaborative works, fuelled by our fascination, passion and respect for other creative and outdoor enthusiasts.

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