Barry Wallace

Paddle stroker/river explorer/coffee nut

At Staunch we understands the importance of exploring and experiencing the landscape from many different perspectives. We are currently working with Barry Wallace,  Wildeness SUP co and if we could be out with them all the time we would.

Wilderness SUP is for adventurers, explorers and stand up paddle board enthusiasts.

They will show you a new view of Scotland, one taken as you paddle your way along hidden canals, forgotten lochs and city rivers. Their Stand Up Paddleboard adventures are packed with locally roasted coffee, local produce, all set against stunning backdrops of Scotland’s waterways. These are trips to cherish and great ways to exercise. Wilderness SUP embraces the spirit of exploration and the outdoor lifestyle to ensure that each trip showcases the best of the local region.

For short trips to multi-day tours you are guaranteed lasting memories and a unique view of Scotland that many will never experience. To find out more about Wilderness SUP make sure to check out our JOURNAL page.

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