Metal workers/screw fixers/Wood lovers

RG Workshops, is the workspace of Richard Connor and Gavin Smith. They love wood and enjoy building unique and affordable furniture. Based in the Scottish Borders, RG Workshops specialise in using local or exotic sustainable sourced hardwoods with exceptional grain, colouring and character.

Inspired by his grandfather, Gav has had a hammer in his hand before he could walk.! He has a love for all things wood. He is a seasoned master carpenter that has worked in Scotland and abroad for an array of lucrative clients. Richards background is in the creative construction of TV and film, together they make for a top team versatile in working with various materials not just wood their knowledge and project skills are solid.

These boys put the hours in.. they work hard and play hard Gav has a passion for mountain biking and is a solid rider Richard can be found taking to the hills with his fishing rod in the quest for trout. 

More projects to come from these guys later.

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