Jamie Marshall

Wave Project Scotland

When you meet Jamie he is all about getting his ‘vitamin sea’ anyway he can.. either he's frothing on a surfboard, free-diving for his dinner or just by chance jumping of a cliff (for the ladies of course).

Jamie is currently running the Wave Project in Scotland; a project to help young people with health or learning difficulties in their lives. The Wave Project developed an award winning intervention that uses the stoke of surfing and the ocean alongside peer mentoring to help vulnerable young people overcome the challenges and anxiety they face in their lives.

At Staunch Industries we admire people like Jamie he always ready to lend a hand. There is nothing like plunging into the cold North Sea to make you feel alive, but more importantly its all about sharing that stoke. All round good guy and giver of fun, living life to the max, that is why he is part of our team.

If you want to find out more about the project or sounds like something you would like to get in involved or support, get in touch with us or check out their website.

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