Mark Boyd

Scottish Surf Federation

The Scottish Surfing Federation has been run voluntarily throughout its history by the Scottish Surfers who have a passion for the greater good of the sport within Scotland. From this passion those at the helm have etched out the vision for the SSF as well as the aims which the organisation sets out to achieve. Mark Boyd has been the driving force behind the SSF for the last couple of years.

It was Marks hard work, endurance and single minded determination to not take no for a answer that got Scotland finally being recognised as a legit country in the ISA Games, for the first time ever. The Scottish Surfing Federation is a natural fit for Staunch and we’ve had a strong relationship and very long history supporting them over the years with there various endeavours.

Scotland has remarkably good surf, however as a small fringe sport, surfing is over looked and does not get recognised by major sponsors or government. Staunch Industries has been there from the beginning trying to help out where we can, to support and fuel our home growing surfing community.

Surfing in Scotland is not easy, it can be a challenge. The North sea is cold, harsh and  the waves are not always pumping, but when it's on, its fantastic! 

If you want to get involved please contact us for further details.

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