Mike Guest

Deck hand/Explorer/Lens lover 

Skiing, surfing, climbing, camping, cross-continent cycling, diving, downhill, high lining. Mike's got adventure running through his blood. Always connecting, forever smiling and pretty handy with a camera. Over the years, Staunch Industries has built a strong relationship with Mike, probably the most stoked-out individual you will ever meet, always excited and filled with passion.

Never content on staying in one place for to long. He manages his nomadic lifestyle around the seasons and the sports he so passionately pursues, skiing the most extreme mountains in Europe, diving for his dinner in the darkest parts of Indonesia or chasing massive swells on the outer Hebrides of Scotland.

One of worlds most knitted freckliest men you will ever meet, he has been on a mission to connect up the dots in his life building a network of friends, skiers, surfers, bikers, photos lovers and adventures all over the world. If you ever get the chance to see him, make sure to say hello. He is sure to brighten up your day.

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