Will Beeslaar


Will Beeslaar is the driving creative force and vision behind the brand. Award-winning designer and illustrator. But he would like to describe himself as a creative ronin, entrepreneur, reptile-expert, terrier, surfer, diver, skateboarder, beach comber, type geek, meat lover and daydreamer.

Will has worked with some of Britain’s most prestigious agencies on some of the worlds best brands.

He started Staunch Industries a few years ago, inspired over many a hypothermic adventure with the enticing dark North Sea. At first Staunch had a specific interest in filling the void that normal day to day work could not fill. Grafting, with blood sweat and tears Staunch has taken on a life of its own and so the brand has grown. He now runs the Staunch design studio, based close to the waters of sunny Leith. The Edinburgh studio now gives Will plenty of room to flex his creative muscle and expand his work as part of, and alongside, Staunch Industries new collections.

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