Staunch Industries Sealife Travel Candle (sea salt & coconut)


Dive into the essence of the sea with our Sea-Life candle, blending the salty allure of seaweed, coconut, and ocean breeze.

Crafted in the UK with natural perfume oils, each candle is poured into our custom-printed tin, inspired by our North Sea journeys.

Compact yet powerful, our candle tin features a neat lid for easy travel and storage.

Let the uplifting herbal aroma fill your space, making it perfect for everyday use or as a thoughtful gift.

Experience the tranquility of coastal living
with Sea-Life, where every scent captures the spirit of the ocean.

The Staunch Sea-Life candle is designed to evoke the spirit of the sea, with a fresh scent reminiscent of salty spray and board wax on a warm day. The candle is hand-made in the UK using natural perfume oils, and is designed to burn evenly and cleanly for approximately 55 hours. Staunch candles in general are blended with natural plants, herbs, and essential oils to create beautiful scent combinations inspired by nature. Each fragrance is designed to be relaxing and wholesome, and to stimulate the mind, body, and spirit. The candles are a great way to create a calming and inviting atmosphere in any space. The Staunch Sea-Life candle is a perfect choice for anyone who loves the ocean and wants to bring a bit of that sea-side spirit into their home or van. It is designed, produced, and made in the UK, ensuring that it is of the highest quality.
Weight 1 kg

Sea-life – (sea salt and coconut)

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