Smith Shapes Twin Trailer 5’9


Introducing Twin Trailer 5’9

Dimensions: 5’9 x 19 7/8 x 2 7/16

Volume: 31L

A modern surfboard that has stood the test of time! The journey began in 1980 when I shaped MR twins at Shaun Tomson’s factory as they started to emerge onto the surf scene. Fast forward to today, and the Twin Trailer is a testament to the evolution of surfboard design.

Jordy’s vision was clear: to create a fun performance twin that excels in smaller wave conditions. We took inspiration from modern fish outlines and designed a flatter, longer curve throughout the bottom. Lowering the entry rocker and incorporating a tested single to double concave bottom with a slight Vee behind the back fins, we crafted a board that blends old-school charm with contemporary performance.

With a wider nose and a flatter tail rocker, the Twin Trailer is built for speed and agility in gutless, weak waves. We maintained Jordy’s progressive rail, using soft tuck-under up in the nose area and a “beak nose” to add volume under the chest area. Unlike most twins, we opted for a fuller rail in the tail to enhance skate and glide through turns, ensuring maximum speed in less-than-ideal conditions.

The Volume is the culmination of extensive testing and fine-tuning, with Jordy adjusting the design to suit various wave conditions, including those in Japan for the Olympics. Feedback from surfers like Matt McGillivray helped scale the dimensions of the Volume for optimal performance across different weight ranges.

Jordy’s commitment to design excellence has resulted in subtle yet impactful changes that elevate the performance of the Volume for everyday surfers. Experience speed, flow, and maneuverability with control in mind on the Twin Trailer.


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