T Patterson Synthetic 69. 6’0


Introducing Synthetic 69. 6’0

Dimensions: 6’0 x 20.2 x 2.5

Volume: 35.2L

The Synthetic 69 pays homage to surfing’s golden era, inspired by Timmy’s roots when he co-founded Synthetic surfboards alongside the legendary Damian Brawner in the 1980s. This board combines timeless shapes with modern design, resulting in a blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge performance that’s been tested and approved by top surfers worldwide.

Riders of the Synthetic 69 have hailed its performance as nothing short of fantastic, with the “psych meter” hitting the roof! Positioned between the Rising Sun and high-performance shortboards, this model fills a unique niche, offering a balance of retro charm and contemporary functionality.

Customise your Synthetic 69 with your choice of a bump squash or bump round tail, with the option to add classic belly four channels for enhanced control. The lower rocker and flat bottom transitioning into a slight single and double concave, finishing with a vee off the tail, ensure speed and agility in a variety of conditions.

With its fuller outline and flat deck design, the Synthetic 69 excels at catching waves, making it perfect for crowded lineups and maximising your wave count. We recommend riding this model about 2 inches shorter than your everyday shortboard, and it comes with a tri-fin setup for optimal performance.

*Please note: Due to the high volume design extending foam all the way to the rail, some customers may prefer ordering this board 1/16 to 1/8 inch thinner than their usual preference to achieve their desired volume.


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